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General Mathematics  
Interactive Exercises
  How to generate sine, cosine and tangent curves; interactive exercises
  Interactive exercises on trigonometric equations

Interactive exercises on remainder theorem and factor theorem

  Powerpoint files:
  Synthetic Division - finding the quotient and remainder without using long division

A surprising application of polynomials in daily life

  Proof by dissection- a visual proof of (a+b)^2
AP and GP
  A brainteaser about the sum of AP and GP Part I, II, III
Linear Programming
  Important points to note
  Birthday problem, Monty Hall problem and one involving infinite series
  Interactive Histogram; Normal distribution; Interactive standard score
  excellent thinkquest library created by pre-collegiate students

algebra geometry trigonometry

Additional Mathematics  

Problem solving
  An introduction to problem solving
  4 excellent interactive exercises and computer program to plot y=f'(x) and y=f"(x)
Solid of revolution
  Animation and 3-dimensional graphics of surfaces of revoltuion
  MathServ Calculus Toolkit by Vanderbilt University, USA
  Thinkquest library algebra geometry trigonometry calculus
Complex numbers
  A treasure hunt


Pure Mathematics  
  An interactive exercise
Problem solving
  Introduction to problem solving strategy and presentation techniques

Functions with special properties

  Calculus Toolkit MathServe Project by Vanderbilt University, USA

Curve Sketching by Vanderbilt University, USA

  Function Plotter by Maths Online, University of Vienna
  Famous Curves by University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Application of e Compound interest; Franklin Benjamin's will

System of Linear Equations
  An example
  Powerpoint files
  about matrix multiplication, cofactor and inverse
  examples on linear transformations
Complex numbers
  A treasure hunt