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  • Playing Tips
    • K stands for 13, Q stands for 12, J stand for 11, A stands for 1
    • Some hands have no solutions and marks will be awarded if you guess correctly

Tic Tac Toe - more challenging than the conventional version

Hex 7 - invented independently in the 1940's by Piet Hein, born in Denmark and inventor of many mathematical games; and by John Nash, the American mathematician who won the Nobel Prize in Economic Science.


More challenges!

Figure this! Math Challenges for families - more than 60 well known problems with full solutions. Graphics are attractive too!

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Math Puzzles from

Mudd Math Fun facts


Math problems and warm ups

100 simple mathematical problems with simple solutions provided.

Reliability of visual proofs ? Simeon triangle

Math Links


  • - a most resourceful website covering mathematics at HKCEE and HKAL level, exercises and notes as well as beautiful sketchpad diagrams included. The website is updated frequently and is a must for students.